Does Size Matter?

We get bombarded by businesses and e-books promising to increase our follower growth through complicated algorithms and clever ads but is your follower number any indication of the health of your bottom line? Are all these promises worth looking into?

I’ve always believed that an engaged audience is really the only metric you want to set your sights on.

Having a large number of followers doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. 50 likes on a post doesn’t generally equate to 50 sales. So why do we spend so much time focused on this number? After all, humans have been engaged in business (in one form or another) since the dawn of time – follower counts are recent craze – so how did business survive before it?

It did so because, at a basic level, likes and follower counts are a vanity metric more than anything else and not a true business KPI that reflects business performance, growth or customer engagement.

I err on the side of the “less is more” adage. “Quality over quantity” also springs to mind.

A small yet engaged quality following puts you in a far better position as a business owner than a large yet disinterested one.  Likes and follower counts don’t put food on the table, keep the lights on or put money in your bank account to keep your business afloat. But an engaged audience that is ready and poised to invest in your offer, will.

As you will have seen from our previous blog post, meaningful branding creates a dialogue and relationship between you and your customer base. This is the all-important valuable goodwill that distinguishes you and your business from other players in your industry.

But many of my clients find themselves stuck, with no real idea of how to curate this vital goodwill because they haven’t identified their brand foundations yet. Having your brand values identified through a one-one-one workshop with Greenhouse Creative means that the words, phrases, colours and styles a person should use, all become clarified.

Consistent and engaged branding becomes so much easier when you know what you’re doing and why…

Your branding provides the platform for you to engage with your audience – the more effective your branding (and how you use it through all the touch points in your business), the more engaged your audience will be. Use it consistently (through both frequency and delivery) and your followers will become your greatest advocates.

I would rather have 50 loyal, committed advocates for my business, than 100 lukewarm, disengaged followers who have no vested interest in seeing my business succeed.

Spend more of your time taking care of and talking directly with a community that is invested in your message. People engage with brands that they have an affinity with because the barriers to engagement are lowered. 

Focus on this and less on the vanity metrics and see how your audience responds.

So, does size matter? Not if you’re in the business of creating an engaged audience!

We’d love to share in your wins and business insights – share with us your biggest insights when it comes to fostering your engaged community!


Tonia x


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