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Application for a FREE Not For Profit Website & FREE Rocketspark Lifetime Subscription

I have the capacity to give one deserving Not for Profit Organisation a free done-with-you website design and build package per year. 

The website will be hosted on the Rocketspark platform. As a Rocketspark Design Partner, I have also been gifted a free website subscription for the LIFETIME of your website with Rocketspark. 

Naturally, I want to make sure I am gifting my service and expertise to a deserving Not for Profit organisation whose cause I want to wholeheartedly support. I encourage you to apply and to share this application form with others :) 

2022 Application Form

Please feel free to apply for 2022 and I will be in touch when I have the capacity to offer this programme again.

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Thank you! We've received your application and look forward to responding to you shortly. Good luck, and thank you for the amazing work you do for your community.

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