The perfect design & finding the right balance

I help business owners to communicate their company mission, vision & values with their ideal customers, through curated design of their brands, print, packaging and websites.

By listening to my clients and asking them relevant questions, I tackle projects with a practical mindset. Yes, the final design must be striking, but it's always about translating ideas and intangible feelings into a finite space. It's important to note and understand that design is not just the art of being beautiful, but it meets a combination of specific needs.

From brand foundations and logo design to print and packaging design to websites and e-commerce, I am comfortable working in both digital and paper-based mediums. I can help you create an exciting new website, I can design flyers and forms or beautiful multi-page catalogues ... or something you've just dreamt up. It's really about your needs and helping you realising your business goals through brand design.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than putting my design and problem solving skills to the test to deliver a final result that you and your customers love.

Ultimately, my passion is energising your business with vibrant design.

More than meets the eye

Working as a freelance graphic designer for over 14 years, I try to balance my design passion with other fulfilling activities. Stuff that also brings a smile to my face.

I'm a yoga-doer, dirtbike-rider, dog-lover and tea-drinker. My office is filled with pot-plants. I think it stems from the love of having my surroundings and the work I do looking fresh and healthy, vibrant and alive.

I believe giving back to the community is important. I do my part by offering my design services, without charge, to organisations doing great work for the community. These agencies deserve access to great design to help inspire volunteers and support.

I've completed "projects-of-love" for: Ellerslie School, CrankSistas (a women's mountain biking group), the "MAZ" Mangawhai Activity Zone, and Special Children's Christmas Parties.

I'm Tonia Hill and I'd simply love to help you bring your business to life. 

Need inspiration? Have a look at some of my work

As you will see, I enjoy working with a wide variety of businesses. And while some of them might seem completely unrelatable, there is one underlying connection:

They want to help people with their products and services. And so do I. If you want help with your business design, let's chat!

I'm proud to be a member of:


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