Design for print includes so much more than business cards

Yes, business cards are important but there are so many more opportunities to consider with print.

From policy documents and forms to proposal documents to catalogues and coffee-table books to packaging, there are quite a few ways to express your brand identity with print design.

Be memorable and impress your customer with print or packaging design. Use design to stand out from your competition.

Apitree Honey

A sweet yet striking packaging design

Located in the far north of New Zealand, with big aspirations of selling their native Manuka honey and other blends to Ireland and Europe, Irish Bee wanted something to illustrate their vision -- to showcase their unique product and the special care that goes into what they provide: nature's liquid gold. Apitree Honey is 100% pure New Zealand.

In need of a modern yet organic looking design that clearly represented their brand, Irish Bee came to us to help them make a buzz.

Fond of Manuka honey ourselves, we were ecstatic to be involved with a project involving "sunshine in a jar". We've succeeded in creating a strong packaging design for the brand we're sure will resonate with consumers overseas.

Say it with print

Design consistency across all your business communications brings your brand to life. You're creating a brand identity your customer can recognise. You're building consumer trust.

If you have an idea for a print project, no matter how wild you think it might be, let's chat about it. We can talk logistics and discover what's possible together.

We love leaving a strong imprint in people's minds. Let's make it happen.

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